H&S COvid 19

Live Your Experience Healthy and with Peace of Mind!

The absolute safety of our Guests and Staff has been always a priority for us! Please find here to follow the health and safety measures against COVID-19 we apply and the related advices to every person taking part to one or more of our experiences.

Face Masks Gloves and Hand Sanitizer for Drivers and Guides
In Italy the face masks are mandatory to enter closed environment as well as outside if it’s not possible to keep the minimum required distance. Therefore, our drivers and guides could wear masks during the experience. Since gloves are not mandatory, each drive and guide may choose to wear gloves or use hand sanitizers.

Vehicles, Gear and Other Equipment are Sanitized on a Regular Basis
Facilities, restaurants, and other stops on your tour carry out enough measures to protect You.

Temperature Controls for the Staff
Staff having a temperature of 37.5°C or higher and/or cold related symptoms will be replaced until the end of all verification processes and/or their complete recovery.

Temperature Control for Guests on Vehicles and Attendant at Cooking Classes upon Arrival
We kindly ask You to participate our experiences only in good health. If you don’t feel well, please refrain from participating.

Face Masks and Hand Sanitizers Provided for Guests
We kindly ask You to wash and sanitize your hands when participating an experience and to wear a mask during the experience, with particular reference to indoor environments.

Social Distancing Enforced throughout each Experience
We kindly ask You to cooperate to prevent the spread of infection by social distancing.

Thank You for your attention. By following the above mentioned few rules, You will be part of our project as well as an important player in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

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